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What things we need to consider when choosing a perfume?

Perfumes mark personalities and unmistakable style. Each person and skin feels of a different way, accommodating each individual. While the exact recipe is kept under complete secrecy, there are certain parameters that help us to describe a perfume.

Degree of Concentration

All scents used in perfumes are oil based, and high concentration can be harmful if applied directly on skin or clothing, in many cases cause allergies. Concentration levels determine the mixture of compounds used to make perfume and the amount of essences present:

- Eau de Cologne: between 2 and 5% of aromatic essences.

- Eau de Toilette: between 5 and 10%, typically 10% of aromatic essences.

- Eau de Perfume: 10 to 15%, typically 15% aromatic essences.

- Extract or perfume, contains from 15 to 30%, usually 20% of aromatic essences.

Logically, a perfume at higher level of concentration, the fragrance will last longer and will remain with greater strength. Although in the case of a same perfume base, concentration levels vary the flavor and the elements used to achieve it.

Aromatic notes in perfumes

Once you apply the perfume on the skin, their intensity and fragrance vary according to the processes of evaporation. To account for these features, in the world of perfumery, we use the “notes”.

- Top notes are scents that are perceived as soon as applied the perfume. They are small particles that evaporate quickly, becoming the first impression. This is the key to making a sale, the reason why the intensity and volatility are operated to the maximum.

- Heart notes appear immediately after the evaporation of the top notes. Make up the heart, the base of the perfume, also mask the initial undesirable effects of base notes, which become pleasantly over time. Heart notes can appear from 2 minutes to 1 hour after dispelling of top notes.

- Base notes: are the aromatic essences of perfume show shortly after the departure of the heart notes. Usually they are the elements used to provide strength and permanence. They are heavy particles that evaporate slowly, sometimes staying up to 24 hours.

Some tips for preserving

The best way to preserve a perfume is in its original state, keep away from heat sources and away from sites where is exposed to sunlight and moisture. In turn, if oxygen enters during a prolonged period, the fragrance of the perfume is decreasing and then deformed. Spray bottle are best for preserving the integrity of a perfume, they avoid exposure to air and dust in the environment. It is best to keep the original packaging, as they are designed to protect both the bottle and the fragrance.

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