Fahrenheit Cologne

Fahrenheit Cologne Review

Brand: Christian Dior
Year: 1988
Gender: Male
Style: Elegant – Sharp
Family: Woody

Fahrenheit is the kind of perfume born completely against any tendency, however, has lasted for decades without ever leaving the top 30 bestsellers. This perfume is one of my first very favorite.

I will go straight to the point: this is the male scent that I prefer: straightforward, without fuss, easily recognizable (strengths of a great perfume), but also complex, tenacious, mesmerizing… and unmatched. Its exceptional background is woody and leather, it persists over several hours.

I tested recently younger brother Fahrenheit 32, that I rather like, but different. Then I wanted to re-feel Fahrenheit and there, almost 15 years later, I felt the same things. This fragrance is still as beautiful and unparalleled. I especially like its woodsy leather note, always pleasant and modern.

With Fahrenheit, Dior has responded to the secret desire of many men that want to wear perfume which is specially designed for them.

Fahrenheit, so many memories … A beautiful creation of Dior, completely backwash, a unique perfume-like no other. His leather-wood is sublime, warm, powerful. The kind of scent that you can not prevent you back when you encounter its wake. I know many women who wear Fahrenheit! The new Absolute Fahrenheit is a beauty.

A revolution, especially since it was one of the first male floral perfumes. A daring fragrance, creating a big risk-taking because of a leathery background, but in the end be rewarded for taking this risk because it is known as a great success today, it is one of the best selling in the world. Create with lots of creativity, it leaves no one indifferent. Yet the first time I felt it had not convinced me because it seemed too strong. However, today after having repeated the experiment, I get used to and I can say now that I love this perfume. I recognize it has a true olfactory identity, not found in others.

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