Fahrenheit Cologne

Christian Dior Fahrenheit Eau de Toilette

A friend of mine recommended me this product. She works in a perfume shop and told me this is a fragrance that is suitable for all seasons.

This is one of the most famous fragrances for men in the world. For me it is the best perfume for men out there. Noted for its intensity, with a floral aroma and very warm.

It is worldwide known as the first perfume for man who left Dior House already more than 20 years.

The smell is unmistakable, yet indescribable, it would take a specialist to describe the ingredients used in the manufacture of this product, deep, balsamic and very seductive, warm and inviting. It has a woody with spicy background, which gives it a unique in the market of perfumery.

The bottle of the perfume has not changed a bit since its inception and its smell lasts all day, but not overwhelming, unlike other perfumes that you just overwhelmed with the fragrance.

Conclusion: excellent

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