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Modern Perfumery

The late nineteenth century saw the birth of modern perfumery. This time, the genuine perfume industry appears.

Perfume has always played an important role: the etymology of the word, from the Latin perfume meaning “through the mist”, attests to its sacred origins, as a mediator between gods and men. Originally, perfumes therefore have a religious function. Thus, perfumes have survived the centuries, sometimes mystical, aesthetic or medical. While the Middle Ages widely practiced in ablution.

The discovery of an Italian monk was also dominant, he noticed that the flavors are soluble in spirits of wine, he discovered the conservation of perfumes in alcohol. From that moment the manufacture of perfume is simplified, and modernized at high speed.

A perfume is a mixture of several chemical components. Perfumer’s role is to combine these components, in order to get a fragrance that will awaken the senses of the customer.

Today the production technology has improved further by distillation. The chemistry also progressed considerably and gives us the first products of synthesis.

The scents are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with new scents, flowered or recreated through synthetic products. The trade is organized and growing.

Today the perfume industry has an important place in our society. There are a wide varieties of scents and everyone can find happiness. The fragrance has become a sign of fashion, seduction, novelty and originality.

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