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Tips for choosing perfume

Have you ever been given or have bought a perfume that at first it seemed great, but after using it once or twice, you would not want to see the bottle? Well maybe this is the end! However, often with many people, a scent at a time it seemed exciting, at other times we do not like.

In perfumes, preferences vary from person to person, your age, your personal style, the climate where you live and your skin type. Below we give some guidelines:

Try to select the perfume in the morning, this time your noses is most sensitive.

Do not get the bottle directly over the nose. This can cause you a headache or upset stomach.

Avoid testing many perfumes at the same time, your smell will be confused and cannot discriminate between odors. You can clean your nose by sniff coffee beans.

Once you have selected one or two fragrances, try them at the wrists and leave them a while to be able to smell these scents on your body.

Remember that fragrances do not smell the same in all people. The smell of the person is mixed with perfume to create a unique fragrance. Do not buy perfume because they are fashionable or bottle is attractive. Try them and select the one you like.

Do not put fragrance directly on silk, leather and other materials in white. They can stain.

Avoid mixing fragrances. Use one fragrance at a time.

Usually (varies from person to person and the weather) fragrances last 4 hours after you apply. If you want to have the scent all the time, you have to apply every 4 or 5 hours.

Oily skin retains the scent longer.